Question by  keg88 (31)

How many colors do highlighters come in?

Can I use highlighters on a dry-erase board?


Answer by  helper09 (108)

If you look hard enough, you can probably find a highlighter in almost any color you want. The most common colors are bright yellow, blue, and pink. I would advise against using highlighters on a dry erase board. They probably wouldn't write dark enough to see easily and they may be difficult to remove.


Answer by  TOANHPHM (27)

Highlighters have so many colors for you to buy. Such as: black, pink, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, & etc. And yes, you can use highlighters on a dry erase board. After using it on a board, you could use a wet eraser to erase or you could get a napkin and wipe it off.

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