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What can I do about pimples on my forehead?

posted by  comalua(27)

How are scars treated with dermal manipulation?

posted by  deltron3030(29)

What's an effective home remedy for impetigo?

posted by  kpayne8269(1)

What could be causing dry flaky red patch on skin?

posted by  Ronnie(16)

How can I hide hyperpigmentation?

posted by  hois0017(20)

What are dermatology skin tests for people with allergies?

posted by  kater(12)

What is the best treatment for mite bite?

posted by  pb(14)

What are some tips for second degree sunburn recovery?

posted by  pumpkyn(25)

How do I get rid of rough brown skin on my knees?

posted by  sir(20)

How long does it take a canker sore to heal?

posted by  Imthu(11)

How do you get rid of hives?

posted by  AshokChauhan(11)

Why would a sunburn cause my legs to swell?

posted by  MissFrizzle(25)

What is the best treatment for a Nair reaction?

posted by  strongangel(20)

What is the best remedy for head acne?

posted by  worker3346(13)

What is the best relief for blotchy skin?

posted by  matt43(65)

How can you improve your skin tone?

posted by  matt43(65)

Do hydroxy acids really help the skin look younger?

posted by  deedee51717(30)

What is rosacea?

posted by  Peas75(37)

What is syringoma?

posted by  rfoltz33(217)

What cold cause a blistery itchy rash on my hands?

posted by  worker85(43)

How can I get rid of skin breakouts on my jawline?

posted by  thewee(35)

What could cause open sores in underarm area?

posted by  kevin28(188)

Is it safe to use Nair on my upper lip?

posted by  tamthompson(53)

What is papa syndrome?

posted by  lesreg(100)

Is ringworm in a human contagious to another human?

posted by  altdrumz(40)

Can I use sugar as an exfoliant?

posted by  t56(143)

Are at-home dermabrasion kits safe?

posted by  bimc(24)

Do tattoo removal creams really work?

posted by  shreya(58)

Why do I have itchy flesh?

posted by  answerer(24)

Are red spots indicative of melanoma?

posted by  lbauman1222(130)

What could cause pimple-like things on your genitals?

posted by  soonerborn(19)

What are the best home remedies for cellulitis?

posted by  spit(45)

What are normal reactions to tattoo ink?

posted by  lakshmi(196)

What can I do for a sore bump on my buttock?

posted by  LauraCalico(278)

What is the significance of a bullseye bug bite?

posted by  232(23)

Is skin cancer on the nose common?

posted by  ParrotPirate(477)

What is the best treatment for back acne?

posted by  enexel(43)

What is the best cure for acne scaring?

posted by  JITENDRA(12)

What does a ringworm infection look like?

posted by  antinus(46)

What kind of skin cancer is Bowen's Disease?

posted by  chea(23)

What would cause a rash on my face?

posted by  Kevin16(56)

What is the best way to get rid of acne naturally?

posted by  Mimi74(19)

What causes brown spots on the back of my hands?

posted by  Sarah(39)

What causes welts under my skin after itching?

posted by  Manuel(36)

Should I be concerned about a black dot on my skin?

posted by  art(1)

How long do sunburned lips last?

posted by  Centrifugal(69)

What do you do about a flaking tattoo?

posted by  Scott44(23)

Why might I have thickening skin on my hands?

posted by  gordon(304)

Do rash creams work?

posted by  notorious(249)

Can I get pimples on tattoos?

posted by  christine22(14)

Can I get a rash with my cold sores?

posted by  rickscholz(27)

Do sunburns turn into a rash?

posted by  Anitta(15)

What causes dry, flaky eyelids?

posted by  vidgrl007(40)

How should I treat a rash from a Wild Grape vine?

posted by  jdadblank(27)

What causes red sores on your hands and arms?

posted by  sumaya(31)

Do stretch marks fade with time?

posted by  bluebird44(29)

What is a good remedy for dry cuticles?

posted by  ashley31(263)

What tips can you give me for removing blackheads?

posted by  Sarah99(43)

What would cause the side of my toe to be red and puffy?

posted by  Amy78(30)

What causes the Harlequin Baby Syndrome?

posted by  raviteja(26)

What causes mud fever in a horse?

posted by  manager(7)

Are red freckles okay?

posted by  ammutajju(62)

How do you remove pigmentation marks?

posted by  EJ54(4)

Is it possible to get rid of stretch marks?

posted by  VivianOblivion(62)

How does poison ivy spread?

posted by  danceur(210)

What causes liver spots?

posted by  worker30(43)

Is Stevens-Johnson Syndrome the same as MRSA?

posted by  Wikko(49)

What can you do to soften tough skin?

posted by  sampath(14)

What could be the cause of a small wart like rash under my little girl's arm?

posted by  Anonymous

Should I be concerned about a small sore on my scalp?

posted by  larababe(22)

Is a paste of salt and water good to stop itching?

posted by  linda40(41)

What can I do about this skin flap on my throat?

posted by  jackielou(10)

What will happen to my fingerprints if they got burned?

posted by  camille(50)

Is it a good idea to pop a blister caused by sunburn?

posted by  Raine724(16)

Can yeast cause your face to break out?

posted by  Tammy(585)

What is the difference between cradle cap and impetigo?

posted by  worker1139(8)

Do eye drops work to reduce pimple redness?

posted by  Mikhaili(27)

Does nail polish remover helps scars?

posted by  Jennyboom(23)

I have a hard lump on the top of my hand, what should I do?

posted by  MPyles(201)

How do you minimize pores?

posted by  annabelle(6)

Is hydrogen peroxide good for acne?

posted by  RyHeab(54)

How do you create skincare products?

posted by  RAH(22)

Is Milk of Magnesia good for your skin?

posted by  Guod(7)

How can you tell if something is a skin tag or hpv?

posted by  suvarna(8)

Can you cure blackheads with a vacuum?

posted by  Terry66(2)

Is it safe to do blackhead removal at home?

posted by  dxpsteve(10)

Can you tell me how to make some home made skin care items?

posted by  Kay12(19)

What do age spots look like on hands?

posted by  imey(38)

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