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Question by  lakshmi (196)

What are normal reactions to tattoo ink?

I think I am having a skin reacation to tattoo ink.


Answer by  Ozzy (44)

Shortly after receiving the tattoo, you will bleed. Because the blood comes through the ink, you will bleed in colors other than red. Sometimes there's a little pus. Redness around the area immediately surrounding the design is also extremely normal. The most common color ink that people are allergic to is red. If you're still worried, talk to your artist.


Answer by  KingJohn (61)

While the tattoo is is being applied, there will be a slight burning and/or stinging sensation. It will feel similar to a slight to moderate sun burn. This feeling will continue for two to three hours after the tattoo has been finished. Also, there will typically be some swelling in the area as well.


Answer by  Empress (122)

Normal reactions from getting a tattoo are pain, itching, redness, and tenderness at the site. If you feel your pain is severe contact a doctor.


Answer by  reddeb96701 (494)

Some times the area will get red and may even bleed a little bit. If the area gets hot your tattoo might be infected. Follow the directions given to you at the tattoo parlor but see a doctor if the redness, swelling or infection reaction seems to hang on for more than a few days.

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