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Question by  Raine724 (16)

Is it a good idea to pop a blister caused by sunburn?


Answer by  bo (874)

No! Never pop any kind of blister. The blister keeps the skin from getting infected. Let the blister heal and go away on its own.


Answer by  worker6086 (52)

Although a nurse will burst a blister in hospital, it isn't a good idea to do it yourself. You can introduce infection with the pin and the unbroken skin stops infection getting in.


Answer by  Indira (106)

No,its not a good idea to pop a blister caused by sunburn. Because poping the blister would cause a spread of infection over that and other parts of the body.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Most of the time this is not a good idea because skin can protect you from infection. If you don't have to wound yourself you shouldn't.

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