Question by  dez740 (1)

I have these little bumps around my nose and eyes and stuff and I don't know what it is. What can you tell me?

They look like clogged pores but I have them all on my nose and under my eyes. They're not pimples and don't itch. They're sometimes white like the ones right beside your nostrils...


Answer by  jamie1 (291)

You can also have white blackheads. I've sometimes had these they are just a small form of acne. They are not bad I'd recommend just taking care of your skin with a daily skin routine such as Proactiv or any other brands. It is nothing you need to worry about.


Answer by  Danie38 (85)

These are most likely just built up sebum that need to surface. It is best to do extract these with a deep cleansing facial at a local spa or dermatologist office. If you are concerned, going to a skin specialist would be an optimal plan.


Answer by  workoutchamp (103)

I would say those are probably clogged pores, if you squeeze them does a white waxy ball come out? Try using a blackhead removing product like the nose strips and exfoliating


Answer by  kimber18 (514)

I get little bumps like that near my eyes, and have been told they are little pockets filled with cholesterol. I at first tried to pop them, with no luck.


Answer by  Anonymous

I think i have the same red bumps but i started to scratch mine and now the skin around my nose peels..yuck!

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