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Question by  vidgrl007 (40)

What causes dry, flaky eyelids?


Answer by  dejan (16)

You are probably allergic to something. If the problem is an allergy antihistamines either over-the-counter or by prescription may help slightly, but don't expect total relief without a good deal of drowsiness from the medication. If allergy isnt't the reason then they are probably infected. Yous should use some skin cream.


Answer by  tdish64 (15)

Some say it can be from poor hygiene caused from oily skin, an allergic reaction, bacteria or even lice on your eyelashes.


Answer by  rbiales (3441)

Dry, flakey skin is caused when dhed skin does not easily let go. There are exfoliating lotions and treatments that are specially made for the eye area the can help your skin shed these cells during skin washing.


Answer by  Isidro (624)

This could result from having eye stuff on and not properly removing it just like bacteria and also you could be allergic.

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