Question by  Anonymous

I have a red rash all over my legs, my doctor said it was caused by Keflex, my legs itch and burn, what kind of infection could it be?

my legs are red almost all the way around but not quite they itch and burn sometimes Dr. says it's an infection but not what kind. what could it be? He gave me keflex


Answer by  Eddie87 (129)

Keflex is used to fight bacteria infections in several areas of the body including the skin. This infection is going to be from some type of bacteria in which may have been received from another person or something that someone with a rash of this sort came in contact with.


Answer by  pete74 (97)

It is probably not an infection but an allergic reaction to the Keflex. If you stop the Keflex the rash should go away. The Keflex is a medication to treat an infection


Answer by  nettie (15)

Keflex is an antibiotic used to treat a variety of bacterial infections. The obvious first question is, might you be allergic to the Keflex? I would ask your doctor if your symptoms are, in fact, hives, which are indicative of a systemic allergic reaction and could require emergency treatment. You do not want to risk the reaction getting worse.


Answer by  vickid2 (8)

This rash may have started as an itchy pimple type bump on your leg. If you continue to itch a lot it can turn into a bacterial infection and spread if you continue to scratch.

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