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Question by  worker85 (43)

What cold cause a blistery itchy rash on my hands?

I have developed a blistery itchy rash all over my hands.


Answer by  LisaLisa (122)

Trace back your activity for the last 3 days. Remember what you handled or brushed against. were you outdoors? touching plants or foreign objects. I suspect you picked up something that you are allergic to. like poison ivy for example.


Answer by  Enigma19 (13)

You may have something called contact dermatitis which is caused by touching poison oak or poison ivy. You should see a doctor in case it's more serious than you think.


Answer by  sunflowerally22 (18)

HAve you been outside in a garden? this can cause blisters from the gases the veggies give off. Have you changed hand soaps? laundry soaps or lotions?


Answer by  YellowCup (1650)

Could be an allergic reaction to something, such as new soap or detergent. Possibly, you got a chemical on your hands and is now a chemical burn. May be a dermatological condition such as psoriasis.

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