Question by  art (1)

Should I be concerned about a black dot on my skin?


Answer by  astamer (66)

ABCDs of melanoma (skin cancer). Black can be a cause for concern, but so can abnormal growth, irregular borders and diameter more than 6mm. Keep an eye on it.


Answer by  jesmeg32 (48)

Use the ABC method. Area Border Color. Has the area grown? Has its border changed shape. Has it changed color? If yes to any see your doctor!


Answer by  Janet (18)

It really depends on how big it is - and what it looks like. If it's bumpy, go to the doctor, if has uneven edges, go to the doctor - if is bleeding or changing colors, go to the doctor, if it is growing noticably, go to the doctor. If it's smooth and even in shape and not bigger than a pencil eraser - don't worry about it.


Answer by  John (9008)

You probably should be concerned about any black dot on your skin, especially if it is irregular. It could be nothing, but it should be evaluated by a doctor.

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