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What is the Chinese symbol of faith?

posted by  lennyislit(30)

Are people from Indonesia allowed to convert to Christianity?

posted by  Drzvg(21)

What are some Cuban pastries?

posted by  VeganforLife(28)

What kind of songs are played at funerals?

posted by  Drone(17)

What are some Japanese superstitions?

posted by  Eia(24)

What are some examples of costumes of the world?

posted by  anchavez(42)

What anniversary is the Ruby Anniversary?

posted by  AnnArk(141)

What are some Greek wedding traditions?

posted by  fidgetfax(41)

What can you tell me about French Culture in Canada?

posted by  SarahTurk22(11)

What are some of the important elements of church protocol?

posted by  Kim78(30)

What are some traditional Chinese foods?

posted by  RonanN1(21)

What is the best way to determine ethnicity of surnames?

posted by  harietta(37)

What should I know about having a formal Mexican dinner?

posted by  gabshawgeo(31)

What are common German doll markings?

posted by  delta55(36)

What are some common Korean symbols?

posted by  psychomom(58)

What is the name of some Indian grains?

posted by  Page(25)

What is the history of Russian food?

posted by  orville856(39)

What are some Jewish wedding wishes?

posted by  jlaird(190)

Do Mexican people really take siestas?

posted by  project76(31)

What is the origin of the term "jonesing?"

posted by  surya(21)

What are Portuguese people like?

What do Germans serve at Christmas?

posted by  akila(12)

What are some common Mexican customs?

posted by  Alisha79(35)

What are the characteristics of Aztec jewelry?

posted by  MommyMania(15)

What does "holla atcha boy" mean?

posted by  elangomohan(14)

Do the French celebrate their birthdays?

posted by  praveen(18)

What are some African hair styles?

posted by  TylerMoore(146)

What are some of the traditions of Bulgarian people?

posted by  rajapriyan(16)

What is Japanese interment like?

posted by  BEENA38(4)

What percentage of African-Americans vote?

posted by  traceytracey(33)

What are some native Phillipine instruments?

posted by  trashman(31)

What's a good Japanese tattoo?

posted by  Vicki93(18)

What kind of clothes did the Aztecs wear?

posted by  dee123(51)

What can you tell me about the Huichol Indians?

posted by  awaintrub(16)

Are Jews considered a race, a religion or a culture?

posted by  Mohsin(11)

What are Athenian women like?

posted by  Beth47(26)

Why are they called "Hawaiian" shirts?

posted by  cmkekbif(778)

What are some recipes for some authentic Spanish dishes?

posted by  worker14(5)

What does traditional Mexican clothing look like?

posted by  earlgrey(45)

What is the meaning behind the Florida brass Knuckles statute?

posted by  Rimi(27)

What is Yoga Nidra's importance?

posted by  ramesh22(9)

Who votes for the winners of the Golden Globe awards?

posted by  AOLCanceler(73)

What are some common European toys?

posted by  guyfletcher(20)

Why is the Chinese calendar different from ours?

posted by  chitchenhitchens(17)

What are some Middle Eastern spices?

posted by  worker9384(17)

Do they still have arranged marriages in India?

posted by  lovepawsandclaws(56)

What foods are common on a Russian menu?

posted by  MRXII(16)

What are some trademarks of the Saudi Arabian culture?

posted by  jessepoirier(13)

What are some common Hawaiin baby names?

posted by  Duffman40(15)

Who is the sun god in each culture?

posted by  shane37(19)

What are the different types of luau foods?

posted by  seeyana(8)

Is the Union Hotel really haunted?

posted by  excapevelocity(14)

Why and when do Indian women wear a dot on their foreheads?

posted by  ash(27)

What would a Greek doll look like?

posted by  sivakumar23(189)

What is Ladino?

posted by  apple(447)

What kind of clothing would a Greek goddess wear?

posted by  phoenix2769(4)

What words are used in the African-American culture?

posted by  Clayton(25)

Do Cubans arrange marriages?

posted by  juan38(32)

What is "rock and roll fashion?"

posted by  Allison(187)

What kind of food did the Cheyenne tribe eat?

posted by  TammyM(34)

What gestures are common to everyone around the world?

posted by  Marie48(18)

What is the traditional dress of Brazil?

posted by  nineloc9(70)

Can you define culture for me?

posted by  Dizzy(78)

Is there Gullah music?

posted by  Max(33)

What are the people like in Yucatan, Mexico?

posted by  Knowit(44)

What are all of the Indian tribes of America?

posted by  worker8194(35)

What is the shape of the Thaali Indian marriage symbol?

posted by  Neko(13)

What are some interesting facts about Poland's culture?

posted by  wendym1597(224)

What are some highlights of Korean etiquette?

posted by  deb74(164)

Are there Korean soap operas?

posted by  Gabriela11(4)

What is the Mesoamerican ballgame?

posted by  MarshaKeeffer(74)

What are some common Jewish surnames?

posted by  bill14(308)

Are fairies real?

posted by  Avria(187)

What is the oldest civilization?

posted by  orangeengr85(31)

What kind of clothing did they wear in ancient Rome?

posted by  Brett(7986)

What are some unique attributes of the Gullah culture?

posted by  horia24(10)

What are some common Russian names for girls?

posted by  Beth25(13)

What is the superstition about itchy palms?

posted by  worker7583(19)

What's the best Mexican dance?

posted by  Jason14(69)

What are womens' roles in today's society?

posted by  Lorri(37)

What are some great Japanese desserts?

posted by  Dalmatian(19)

How do they design tribal tattoos?

posted by  james11(4)

Why do homosexuals use the rainbow as a pride symbol?

posted by  STariq(136)

What are some gestures that are universally considered rude?

posted by  Kerri(22)

What do you call Greek wine?

posted by  petra2201(10)

What kind of images would be on a Chinese greeting card?

posted by  mturk79(98)

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