Question by  dev (35)

What are characteristics of the facial features of native Americans?

I would like to know some definite facial features of native Americans.


Answer by  Anonymous

No,tears will leak from any natives eye,that on a skit that "Dave Chappelle did',the comedian people are racist,because they want too be,its 100s of tribes 7the names are" running coyote" surf the web for history and native web sites for help!


Answer by  Anonymous

well, before people were like all native has "big nosezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and highcheek bones (this is not true) ,all the stuff hollywood "steretyped native as in the old western movies are all lies,if you want too meet natives & learn


Answer by  Nicholas79 (38)

It is hard to answer you question without seeming slightly racist, but brown skin, larger noses, and a single tear will leak from their eye if they spot someone littering.

posted by Anonymous
Dear person(s) Native Americans are very beautiful people,with rich culture,and still are striving today too try too open peoples mind too their unique culture and religon(s),its sad how in the PAST AND STILL TODAY NATIVES ARE TREATED. Well,all people black and white,hispanic etc. come in all shapes sizes and colors.  add a comment
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