Question by  bill14 (308)

What are some common Jewish surnames?

I need to name characters in my story.


Answer by  bunnygirl (779)

Some common Jewish surnames that I know of (i. e. they are from people I know) off the top of my head right now are: Weiss, Neuman, Axelrad, Berkowicz, Bernstein, Blumenfield, Horowitz, Horwitz, Hirschl, Goldstein, Rabinowicz, and Weinstein. There are a ton more obviously, but I imagine it also varies by region and period as to which are actually common.


Answer by  Mellie (64)

Many Jewish surnames have an ending like berg, stein, man or witz such as Goldberg, Goldstein, Goldman or Leibowitz. Other common Jewish surnames are Schwartz, Shapiro or Baum. Jewish surnames often are similar to names of people of Russian, Polish or German descent.

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