Question by  SarahTurk22 (11)

What can you tell me about French Culture in Canada?

I will be visiting Canada soon and need to know about the French culture there.


Answer by  Brett (7986)

French culture is primarily in the province of Quebec (in which about 80% of culture is), and province of New Brunswick (about 50%). Apart from that, majority of Canada is primarily English in its culture.


Answer by  summeroeth (88)

There are certain French undertones throughout Canada. However, you will find the strongest French influence in Quebec where French is the official language, and French culture dominates food, opinions and art. English is readily accessible and generally appropriate. Honestly, one can go through out most of Canada, without noticing a strong French influence.


Answer by  pepe911 (28)

The best place to experience French Culture is in Quebec. In fact French is the official language of Quebec. Check out the best place to visit is the French Quarter.

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