Question by  Kim78 (30)

What are some of the important elements of church protocol?


Answer by  pious57 (112)

When you come to church, you should observe silence, when there is no service. You just feel that you are in God's own house and you will automatically decide what the protocol is, in such a place. You just follow that. You should not do anything that will hinder other's prayer. In the church be only with God.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

An answer depends exactly what you mean by protocol, and which church. In the Catholic church, protocol defines in what order celebrants of the Mass proceed to the altar, their place there, and their duties in the mass. Information on this can be found in websites or from your diocese.


Answer by  Mumma (483)

Protocol varies from denomination to denomination. Generally there is a worship leader, priest or president that runs the service - like an MC or, an order of service or prayer book which provides 'stage directions'. In most churches you are quiet while others speak, and pray or sing out loud when invited to do so.

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