Question by  akila (12)

What do Germans serve at Christmas?

I want to make a good German Christmas meal. What should I serve?


Answer by  Clement (1453)

One of the traditional recipes is Lebkuchen (Spice Bars), made of honey and almonds. You can also go for Kletzenbrot (Fruit Cake) with prunes, figs, dates, raisins and currents. The main Christmas table ingredient is of course the Christmas goose or duck, stuffed with the mixture of liver, sausage meat and crumbs.


Answer by  Anonymous

It also depends on what day you're referring to. A lot of German Christmas takes place already on the evening of the 24. While the goose or duck are saved for the 25. or 26., more simple dishes like potato salad and Frankfurters are a tradition for the 24.


Answer by  CallerID (213)

The 24th is already considered part of Christmas in Germany, on which day presents are exchanged. Potato salad and hot sausages are very common for that day. On the 25th/26th there's a heavy lunch, roast goose, duck or rabbit with potatoes or dumplings and steamed red cabbage and/or Brussels sprouts.


Answer by  sailoryue (853)

germans eat goose on christmas as the main course. they usually stuffed with prunes and apples, one cup per pound of the goose. you can also use wild rice, and you dont have to use both prunes and apples. and you definitely dont want to forget a variety of wursts.

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