Question by  Dan1000001 (6)

In Native American lore, what does it mean when a hawk crosses your path?


Answer by  malone (4817)

The hawk is one of the Spirit Guides. It is a messenger of the Great Spirit, and encourages us to be observant and aware, and to break through a life of being unaware so that we can see the truth.


Answer by  munteanflorina (84)

The meaning of a hawk is of a messenger of a higher knowledge, a protective one. One should try to understand what he warns about, to listen to yourself maybe.


Answer by  unimaginativeone (116)

The hawk is a symbol of a higher power. If one crosses your path it is time for you to consider events in your life you have been hiding from.


Answer by  Anonymous

From childhood I've heard about a hawk being good. Even to have one on our land. Yesterday, one crossed low in front of my car. I saw every feather. I've been troubled, kin, health, etc for a long time. Now I have peace.


Answer by  qBhawk (0)

hawk is wisdom - the bird of spirit with a message .. To Listen!

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