Question by  nineloc9 (70)

What is the traditional dress of Brazil?

My daughter has to represent Brazil in a school pageant.


Answer by  EagleGirl (16)

While keeping in mind that Brazil is a large, diverse country, one type of traditional dress for females is a white dress with a long, flowing skirt. The dresses are often decorated with vivid, colorful embroidery and may be worn with a turban and/or shawl.


Answer by  rileyclark (22)

Bright, bold colors and patterns are traditional to Brazil. You could also have her wear green, yellow and blue as those are the colors.


Answer by  Anonymous

Brazil has Comfortable cloths but their cloths are REALY colorful .Men in the country side wear shirts and jeans. Brazilians that live near the beach wear Bermudas, beach style shirts and sunglasses. At carnivals you can see a lot of women in samba dancers costumes. :d. ^_^. :) :) :).:p

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