Question by  Phoenixvghn (1)

What can I use to make an old pair of jeans darker, would I use a stain or dye?

I wnt 2 make my oldr jeans darkr. What shud I use n how can I stain or die pants?


Answer by  martin (522)

You should use a dye like RIT or Procion MX to dye your jeans. If you have never dyed anything before, you'll probably get better results with RIT because it's a one-step process and you can dye the jeans in the washer. After you dye your jeans, wash them separately from your other clothes a few times.


Answer by  emilyjones (69)

To make an older, faded pair of jeans darker, it would be advisable to use a fabric dye such as RIT brand. The dye would bond to the fibers of the jeans and would produce a dark, even color. There are simple instructions and the process is very quick and easy.


Answer by  Cristina (339)

Normally you can get the proper dye (I reccomend these) of your wished colour at at drug store. Then you should follow the instructions given on the can of the product. Normally you will need a tin, hot water, the dye, salt, and afterwards, the washing machine. Be careful to not mix the jeans with other clothes.


Answer by  Ashli (251)

You should try to use what was originally used on the jeans. If you still have your tag on the jeans, check it out (make sure to look on the front and back, sometimes tags are doublesided). The information on what was used when the jeans were originally made should there, and you can use that for the best results.

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