Question by  mouscelia (170)

Is it appropriate to wear a black skirt to a wedding?


Answer by  drJ (841)

For an evening or winter wedding, with a non-black top, yes. If it is a summer wedding, especially outdoors or in the morning or early afternoon, you will not only be dressed more appropriately but also feel more comfortable in a lighter colored outfit.


Answer by  leelah (92)

If the skirt is of a respectable length it would be appropriate. A really short skirt would not do. The day belongs to the bride, and all the attention should be on her.


Answer by  bash (1026)

Generally, black is a symbol of sadness and hence it is not advisible to wear on happy occassions. However black skirt can be worn with a combination of some other matching coloured top which will look very attractive. Some ornamental work can be done at the bottom of black skirt and wear.


Answer by  RashikH (10)

No it is not appropriate to wear a black skirt to a wedding , instead many other colors will suite better.

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