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Question by  ChrstopherJ (25)

Why is my red maple tree bark cracked?


Answer by  Stephanie73 (58)

Quite possibly your red maple could be infected with anthracnose. The first stage of this splitting or cracked bark. Anthracnose can kill your tree so it needs to be treated before it reaches the top. Unfortunately the only remedy available is through a service such as Chemlawn.


Answer by  JShultz (14)

Sometimes the bark on the red maple is damaged in the normal growth process. This is especially true during a winter period when the sunlight will warm the trunk rapidly and it causes expansion. After the sun goes down and temps drop a freeze can cause the split.


Answer by  thewindrose (642)

Usually cracking occurs in early spring when the sun warms the bark and then the cold nights freeze it. The best solution is wrapping the trunk.


Answer by  Say (55)

Cracks can be caued by animals, insects or weather. Clean the wounds back to the attached bark. This fall, wrap the trunk right up to the first branches.


Answer by  jeestes82 (105)

Mostly likely suspects are cold winters and extreme temperature changes. Nothing can be done to repair damage. Protect from further damage with a specialized tree wrap around the trunk.

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