Question by  katrescuer (431)

Why won't my refrigerator won't cool?

My food won't stay cool.


Answer by  Brandon84 (37)

Check the setting of the temperature control inside the refrigerator. Next check to ensure the coils on the back and at the bottom of the refrigerator are clean. Ensure that the refrigerator is not too close to the wall and has air space. Last check to make sure nothing has blocked the fan at the bottom of the refrigerator.


Answer by  Mark94 (127)

The fridge probably will not cool because it's air vents are clogged. Check the grill on the front near the floor to see if it is covered in dust. There will also be some sort of output on the back which may become clogged.


Answer by  TennG78 (254)

The problem that you have can be best fixed by replacing the freon in your refrigerator. Freon is the element that keeps your food cold.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

There is a chance of leakage of refrigerant gas leakage in the refrigerator. It can be fixed by refilling the gas of the refrigerator compressor. There is also a chance of leakage due to the damage of inner walls of refrigerator.


Answer by  Martha9999 (84)

There's many reasons why a fridge won't cool, including a need for more freon. You might want to check for excessive dust behind and under the fridge.


Answer by  brado76 (167)

There a few obvious issues that could be at play. Your fridge has a compressor and id that is broken, it will not cool. If your freezer portion works but your fridge does not, it could be a faulty fan on the fridge side.

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