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Question by  Josh40 (17)

Why won't my mower go into neutral?

I have a Troy-Bilt.


Answer by  Sky75 (216)

Troybilt mowers that will not go in to neutral either have to much transmission fluid or the gear that hold it in neutral is stripped or broken.


Answer by  carlady (182)

There are several possibility, one could be something has become lodged into the gear shaft and needs to be removed, be careful when inspecting this area that you do not break anything, the possibility is that poor shifting has striped the gears, i don't suggest replacing these unless you know what you doing.


Answer by  EDWIN1985 (24)

I am assuming it is an automatic transmission. In this case one thing to do is to purge the transmission.Slowly move the shift lever to forward and move about 5 feet, slowly move the shift lever to reverse and move about 5 feet, return shift lever to neutral, repeat 3 times.It may help you .


Answer by  happytimes63 (865)

There could be many reasons. check the gear linkage and clean any debris or dirt away from the linkage. Lubricate linkage by reccomended owners manuel instructions.


Answer by  star28 (30)

generally the motor has to be started at neutral. if it is not going into neutral. then a problem with that gear. the motor has to be started with first gear. there might be problem with the gear wire of neutral. give it for the service. if regular maintanance is not there then also the problem will occur

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