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Question by  Anemic75 (83)

Why does my engine stall when warm and cruising?

It happens frequently.


Answer by  Sabharish (1610)

This happens in most of the engines during a travel because of the lack of adequate oil flow and petrol flow in the engine. This lack of flow happens mainly due to the block in carburetor or an injector. This problem can be rectified by removing the blocks from the carburetor and cleaning the air filter.


Answer by  wrencher32 (80)

Due to the computer systems on vehicles today, one of the most likely causes is a loose or dirty ground connection on the engine or chassis.


Answer by  duanebrn (17)

Your car uses many electronic components. Diagnosing which one can be difficult. The malfunction could be from your ignition switch to the fuel pump. A failing electrical circuit will do so more when the circuit is warm. Heated, melted connections could cause a short. Mechanical failure can also cause engine stall. The majority of engine stalling problems will be electrical.


Answer by  MSQUETTAB87 (11)

I personally would think dat maybe your engine stalls because its overheating, or your driving 2 fast not giving the car time to actually warm up, or maybe its an issue with the fuel thing.


Answer by  jlman23 (41)

There are many reasons as to why this is happening. If the fuel pump is outdated and needs to be replaced, or if there is too much fuel pressure.


Answer by  Hellhammer (131)

Check that your fuel line is isolated from heat. If fuel lines get hot the fuel turns to vapor. Next time it happens check if the lines hot. Be careful!

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