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Question by  Zoso (869)

Why does my Toyota 22re run better with the throttle position sensor unplugged?


Answer by  jennbabe (24)

The Toyota 22re has a computerized fuel injection. When the link between the computer and the engine are disconnected, the engine is not forced to reduce fuel pressure nor accelerate.


Answer by  GLHSshelby (19)

If your vehicle runs better with out the throttle position sensor (TPS) is unplugged it tells the engine to go to secondary sensor which as a default is typically set to full (open circuit). If you plug the TPS back in notice hesitant acceleration or poor fuel economy it typically means that this unit is bad and should be replaced.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

It sounds like your car has some electrical issues. I would have a mechanic look over it. It shouldn't run better but the sensor may be going bad.


Answer by  Jaggers (1018)

It only appears that your 22e is running better. This is a feature that Toyota put in to allow dealer mechanics to give you this illusion. The speedometer may say you are going faster and you may think your mileage has improved but this is all part of the beauty of this perception.


Answer by  Tony07 (64)

More than likely a sensor is not working properly. Make sure all sensors are present and working properly, if not, replace as needed.


Answer by  Anonymous

I am having the same issue, bad hesitation with TPS plugged in, runs great when unplugged.I assume it is in a default setting that bypasses the 02 sensor and stuff


Answer by  mike49 (373)

This toyota 22re engine uses a Linear throttle position sensor. The sensor looks at idle or closed throttle and throttle angle opening. The adjustment of the sensor is critical for engine performance, fuel economy and emissions. The throttle also should be cleaned or checked for build up of sludge. I don't beleive yor Toyota ran better unplugged.

posted by Anonymous
^i do believe it. because mine runs better with it unplugged too.  add a comment
posted by Anonymous
My Toyota sure runs better without the TPS. Been running 150,000 miles without it. Replaced TPS 4 times and finally just unplugged it. Runs perfect!  add a comment
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