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What can I do about people who constantly criticize?

posted by  elaine(450)

What is wrong with others who put people down?

posted by  senthil(19)

How should I deal with arrogant people?

posted by  Samson(22)

Who wrote the Bill of Rights?

posted by  Castlekeeper(39)

Why do people buy earthworms besides for fishing?

posted by  Gus2(12)

Why do people smoke marijuana?

posted by  chickencheeseuiu(19)

What is Macho Man Randy Savage's real name?

posted by  SamanthaS(19)

Are Whitney Cummings and Natasha Leggero the same person?

posted by  apple(447)

What Barry Manilow album came out in 1985?

posted by  Mido(29)

Why do people file for bankruptcy?

posted by  jennwol(13)

What were the Mods and Rockers?

posted by  YK(304)

What is unique about the graves of famous people?

posted by  RuthieN(29)

Did Elvis have any illegitimate children?

posted by  saravanan(91)

How common is racism within the Hispanic community?

posted by  SoCalPlantLady(73)

Who are the winningest college football coaches?

posted by  rajatanand(43)

Who was noah's grandson?

posted by  Anjana(40)

Who is Melvin Calvin?

posted by  Wacho(68)

How do you help people who lie?

posted by  JenniferJ(326)

Where do the Ashkenazi Jews come from?

posted by  Handydandy(26)

What was Michael Jordan's rookie info?

posted by  Daniel40(2)

How did Amelia Earhart become famous in the first place?

posted by  karia12(95)

How much is Bill Gates worth?

posted by  worker4311(77)

Do actresses become pregnant in the adult film industry?

posted by  Lynn72(20)

What percentage of people live in poverty in America?

posted by  ritujain(234)

What are the different ways in which we elevate people?

posted by  Carlo(40)

Where can I find the New York Giants roster?

posted by  biscuits090(37)

What are some ways we can help the homeless?

posted by  losingctrl(19)

What is the proper way to ask someone to volunteer?

posted by  MaxCTurk(24)

Are there any famous descendants of Mary Todd Lincoln?

posted by  ramji(20)

Who are some good examples of people that rebounded in life?

posted by  Nik707(20)

What should I do if I am having problems with my roommates?

posted by  judiof(32)

How can I find a friend who has moved away?

posted by  Wallwalker(26)

How do you rate college professors?

posted by  ShannonMartin(69)

How can I find someone's address?

posted by  AnnaWendt(140)

Is an unsigned judge's order actually valid?

posted by  quietgg(292)

Who are some famous people from Peru?

posted by  Jeff26(31)

What is the best way to meet new people?

posted by  dhesing(8)

Who holds the record for winning the most Oscars?

posted by  julsbeau(87)

Was John Denver Jewish?

posted by  rao(32)

What is the silent treatment?

posted by  BurnoutFan(9)

How do you know a Mexican immigrant is illegal?

posted by  PsyKickRuhYn(32)

Are there any free adult dating sites?

posted by  guth76(5)

What does the spleen do?

posted by  hefito(226)

Can people really be mind readers?

posted by  BobLemon(30)

Can you tell me how to find if someone is looking for you?

posted by  AnnOxyer(7)

Am I through growing if I am 6'3" and 15 years old?

posted by  rickscholz(27)

What are the personality traits of a good worker?

posted by  mattd008(28)

What are some good "getting to know people" questions?

posted by  Nancy(578)

How do you greet a Greek priest?

Are Jesus dolls considered graven images?

posted by  wishfire(119)

Has anyone written a biography of Katie Couric?

posted by  Natalie94(14)

What is Robert Plant's vocal range?

posted by  chrissimo(27)

Who invented the Dodge Hemi?

posted by  jwolf36b(25)

What are some facts about the Iroquois Indians?

posted by  SSivaSubramanian(26)

Is there such a thing as a Type C Personality?

posted by  toothpick(57)

How can I tell if someone is trying to manipulate me?

posted by  soniv11(25)

What are Portuguese people like?

Do you think Saakasvili will resign?

posted by  apple(447)

What should I know about Freud and Nazi Germany?

posted by  jdevlin(74)

What kind of ailment caused Picasso's behavior?

posted by  sandy60(5)

How long should you wait for him to call?

posted by  Sarah38(70)

Why do Asian people have slanted eyes?

posted by  ihearthammer(9)

What percentage of people have a fear of public speaking?

posted by  jsmith86(15)

Is George Foreman famous for cooking at all?

posted by  BiancaBliss(33)

What can you tell me about Michelle Kwan?

posted by  agate(22)

What are some of the traditions of Bulgarian people?

posted by  rajapriyan(16)

What kind of music does Enrique Iglesias sing?

posted by  jennybop(254)

How long has Sharapova been playing tennis?

posted by  rakoon26(15)

Who is the most famous person on earth?

posted by  johnjb32(4)

Who is Nicolas Sarkozy ?

posted by  Anonymous

What else did Charles Darwin do?

posted by  marcopolo(15)

What can you tell me about Frank Moss Bennett?

posted by  Fritz(608)

What is the difference between Latino and Mexican?

posted by  VivekKumar(29)

Who is Rachel McAdams?

posted by  Fuchan(24)

Who played Albus Dumbledore?

posted by  TheRabbit(27)

Is there a biography of Beatrix Potter?

posted by  danceur(210)

Is compassion a learned behavior?

posted by  tkoelzer(59)

What makes you so mad that you cry?

posted by  Cjc(299)

Are Audrey Hepburn and Katherine Hepburn related?

posted by  bpan(23)

Who are Peter Gabriel's children?

posted by  Araema(22)

What coin shows a man wearing glasses?

posted by  cri(24)

How many years did Nolan Ryan play baseball?

posted by  laurie929(29)

Can you give me a list of famous quints?

posted by  CP(232)

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