Question by  josuenieves (57)

What are some ideas for questions for wedding guests to ask each other?


Answer by  Mable (3008)

What is your favorite wedding song? Have you ever been to a gay wedding before? If you could go anywhere for a honeymoon, where would it be? have you ever gone to a wedding in another country? What was (would you like) your wedding like? What flowers are prettiest?


Answer by  sharon52 (195)

How do you know the bride/groom? What are some of your favorite memories of the bride/groom? What was your favorite part of the ceremony? If the guest is married: What was your own wedding like? What famous couple do the bride and groom remind you of and why?


Answer by  Caryn85 (418)

Great questions to ask at a wedding are where is the person from? What do they do for a living? How do they know the bride/groom? Do they have an funny stories about the couple?

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