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Can you name a famous Filipino inventor?

posted by  fannyloo(90)

Who was the best shot in the wild west?

posted by  SmaCk(20)

What informaiton can you provide me on Mildred Keller Tyson?

posted by  user32(7)

What are some stupid things that people have done?

posted by  karthick(12)

What can you tell me about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn?

posted by  enrique(8)

Who's the MLB pitcher with the most home runs?

posted by  emw99(6)

Do you like Justin Bieber?

posted by  biebersgirl522(3)

What do humans and apes do alike?

posted by  ashleysisson(33)

Why are humans ticklish?

posted by  marty(49)

How did Eminem fall from popularity so quickly?

posted by  rol09(44)

What is some information on Paganini?

posted by  Aero(97)

What happened to Dan Blocker from "Bonanza"?

posted by  Vincent(75)

Who were some good 1960 comedians?

posted by  MAS(24)

Who were the female gangsters of the 1930's?

posted by  mani94(12)

Has anyone written a Bruce Lee bio?

posted by  ramyaprasad(14)

Do you think names are important? Why and how?

posted by  judy63(98)

Is Queen Elizabeth the 2nd still alive?

posted by  mogili(48)

What is the tallest height to be considered a midget?

posted by  henners(568)

What is Don King's net worth?

posted by  carrie39(22)

What were the Puritans intolerant of?

posted by  bertha(26)

What were Plato's basic theories?

posted by  Chuckles(13)

Do people have a conscience?

posted by  saabmeister(15)

Why is my love avoiding me?

posted by  Electro(17)

What are all the names of God?

posted by  Ellen24(-5)

What is a good source of the various opinions on abortion?

posted by  schilke(22)

Who is the most educated man in America?

posted by  DavidC(12)

Why did Elizabeth I cut her hair?

posted by  Gypsyscorpio(24)

Where can I find gypsies today?

posted by  deborahc(28)

Are vampires real?

posted by  Anonymous

What is Pamela Anderson's height?

posted by  HorseKeeper(25)

Is peer pressure only an issue when you're young?

posted by  Tori(33)

What is the population of the United States?

posted by  Arw(16)

Can someone be single and happy?

posted by  loveyards(23)

Who is Jeffrey Dahmer?

posted by  Duffman40(15)

In what part of the world was the first Inca tribe settled?

posted by  jammin(22)

Do any black people work on Wall Street?

posted by  GreenGryphon(22)

Who are the descendants of Jefferson Davis?

posted by  Morgan39(27)

Who is Nolan Ryan?

posted by  smartin(51)

When was Jackie Robinson a rookie?

posted by  Louise09(54)

Was Jane Seymour the Gerber baby?

posted by  trayambak(16)

Is Stacy London married?

posted by  Flower(92)

What inventions are credited to Native Americans?

posted by  thehappydoula(51)

Is it more important to be happy or to be married?

posted by  asss(6)

What did Buddha mean by, "You are what you feel"?

posted by  nuzzre(23)

Who are the Hall and Oates band members?

posted by  tronlife(40)

What can you say to people who ask annoying questions?

posted by  RyanSnedaker(15)

What was everyday life like in biblical times?

posted by  kavin(15)

What was the population of New Orleans in August 2005?

posted by  worker7111(16)

What is the population of Four Corners, Oregon?

posted by  amgall(39)

Why is it so difficult for people to be honest?

posted by  sheeba(22)

Why did Peter write to Peter? Who was he talking to?

posted by  ArmySGT(25)

What are the Krishna and Jesus similarities?

posted by  lauryn(194)

What are the ten largest cities in the U.S.

posted by  coronato(65)

What celebrities have July 5th birthdays?

posted by  gemmie(33)

In Eastern Orthodoxy, who is Severus?

posted by  Lucia(27)

Was David insane according to scripture text?

posted by  MsSnow(19)

Can you tell me how to dress like Fonzi?

posted by  lostintexas(17)

Are French men more romantic?

posted by  scorpie(48)

Where does William Baggs live?

posted by  wpb2223(-1)

What kind of jobs did people have in the 1700s?

posted by  thinktank(29)

Where is a Samoan from?

posted by  Jeff(12)

What does James say about faith in the Bible?

posted by  josuenieves(57)

Who is Michael the Archangel?

posted by  jwilbur19(50)

What defines you as a person?

posted by  BabyMamma(34)

Why is it not easy being me?

posted by  brs(24)

How can I get a list of people who share my birthday?

posted by  OceanTiara27(158)

Why do we need constant reassurance?

posted by  araenel(50)

What are some great songs that could describe people?

posted by  Kcovey83(25)

Where was Lincoln sworn into office?

posted by  Sam39(24)

How do I trace my Indian blood ancestry?

posted by  MrsBethy(16)

Who were some famous abolitionists during the Civil War?

posted by  tim6889(4)

What did Bush major in at Yale?

posted by  cash4us(12)

What is wrong with the musician Seal's face?

posted by  yzta(17)

Who do you say Jesus is?

posted by  pastortbone(22)

How did God feel about Lot's wife?

posted by  Fadiekay(21)

Was Sonny Bono murdered?

posted by  b87(30)

How old was Noah?

posted by  keri(33)

Who was the first guy to walk in the moon?

posted by  juliancalavera(1)

Who is Apollos in the New Testament?

posted by  skylark(15)

What prophecies has Obama fulfilled?

posted by  worker22(32)

What are the most important qualities of a person?

posted by  Nick65(22)

Who are the players who have played for the most teams?

posted by  steph37(19)

What is the history of Dakota Indians?

posted by  pz36(6)

Who has the highest IQ ever recorded?

posted by  helen20(354)

What is your biggest pet peeve?

posted by  quadratic(73)

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