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Question by  senthil (19)

What is wrong with others who put people down?


Answer by  CaylasCreations (214)

People who put other people down are either jealous or have a low self esteem. They can't see the good in others because of the bad in themselves.

Reply by theoneulove2hate (1):
you should take that answer to heart caylascreations...  add a comment

Answer by  DouglasEarlClore (1236)

They are basically insecure and they wrongly believe that they can make themselves look better by making others look worse. They believe that there is always someone at the bottome of the heap )so to speak), and they feel an urgency to mnake sure it is someome else, not themselves.


Answer by  aussiebev (89)

Generally I have found people who put others down continuously have very low self esteem. They feel a sense of power to be pulling someone else down.

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