Question by  chickencheeseuiu (19)

Why do people smoke marijuana?


Answer by  Zoso (869)

A limited number of people obtain medical relief of glaucoma and chronic pain from marijuana. There's a class of self-medicating users who smoke to counter depression, ADD-like symptoms, or mania. Habitual, recreational users may use the drug for its mind-altering and mood-altering effects. For many, it's simply a habit.


Answer by  sammy0415 (274)

Most people smoke marijuana for fun, however, another use for marijuana is strictly medicinal. The calming effects of marijuana is proven to ease pain in cancer patients. Those who smoke for fun find that it calms them and reduces stress and anxiety.


Answer by  Anonymous

Because they're stupid. They need plants to "relax, be creative, be happy etc. ". If you need to suck back some green plant to feel any of those things, you're life is pretty sad. Get outside and find real reasons to live.


Answer by  Tracey (128)

Most that I know smoke marijuana for a total relaxation. In this day and age life itself can be very stressful. Marijuana is an escape from the every day stress.

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