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Question by  philosophy (243)

What is the difference between a Type A and Type B personality?

I hear people talking about these different personalities, but what are the actual differences?


Answer by  DevoutCatalyst (441)

In psychological terms it's generally a matter of how they cope with stress. Type A is easily stressed and can obsess over irrelevant details. Type B is more easily relaxed and less easily agitated. There is also an AB type which is a mixture of both depending on the situation.


Answer by  Annie82 (373)

Type A = Lots of energy, very talkative and tend to talk over you, jumpy, trying to do too much, health risks, highly competitive, aggressive, fighter, direct Type B = More laid back, relaxed, calmer and quieter, takes time to weigh pros and cons, have better people skills, cares too much what others think, can be assertive and talkative but not overbearing


Answer by  ellie61 (478)

A Type A personality has easily triggered hostility, is rushed and easily stressed. They are impatient and very competitive. A Type B personality is almost the opposite - very laid back, difficult to stress and generally lacking in competitive behavioural qualities.


Answer by  linachobu (1)

I am a type A person. I get this really weird feeling when im not doing something. Kinda stressed and angry because im not doing something productive. I think I really need help and I was wondering were I could get that. The thing with Thype a people is TIME!!!!!!

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