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How often should a woman breastfeed a two year old?

posted by  Lainie(22)

What should I do if red puss filled the pump on my breast?

posted by  Josi(65)

How do I fix a foremilk/hindmilk imbalance?

posted by  bederson(22)

Can I take Imodium while I am breastfeeding?

posted by  Terry79(15)

If I am nursing can I have a glass of wine?

posted by  timmy(9)

What should I know about breastfeeding and hair coloring?

posted by  Surendra(18)

Why does my baby want constant breastfeeding for hours?

posted by  user32(7)

How often should a 4 month old nurse?

posted by  Lola44(40)

What do I do about this milk blister on my breast?

posted by  Commando(25)

How often should I be nursing a 12 month old?

posted by  LadyLawyer(325)

How can I go about restarting breastfeeding?

posted by  Jenniedeelo(169)

Why does my breast milk smell like body odor?

posted by  worker31(37)

Why is one breast not producing milk?

posted by  linarg(20)

How do I get my milk to dry up?

posted by  SammyL(30)

Is it safe to mix breast milk with formula?

posted by  crstanley(18)

Can I get my ears pierced while I am breastfeeding?

posted by  chad36(14)

How long does breast milk stay good for?

posted by  boylen(168)

What could be causing me not to let my milk down?

posted by  superwhites(220)

What is good for re-establishing your breast milk?

posted by  ravi9j(14)

Will fenugreek help me with breastfeeding?

posted by  MajorKae(26)

What can I do about a clogged milk duct after weaning?

posted by  searud(27)

How can I ease the transition from breastfeeding to formula?

posted by  cece(43)

Does breast milk have to be in the refrigerator?

posted by  forsakendemon(21)

Do you have a sterile period after you wean your baby?

posted by  Daniel11(18)

What are the signs of pregnancy while breastfeeding?

posted by  VladG(16)

Can a female lactate without having had a child?

posted by  jdanielbelch(20)

How can you dry up your breast milk without taking medications?

posted by  hms(41)

When do you wean a child to whole milk?

posted by  sundaram(10)

Why am I not losing weight while I'm breastfeeding?

posted by  Dan77(9)

What is the best way to quit breastfeeding?

posted by  Vijayakumar(17)

Are two minute nursing sessions long enough for my baby?

posted by  tynett(23)

Where can I buy engorgement pads?

posted by  Puppyluv(173)

How many times a day should a breastfeed 10 month old eat?

posted by  mne(21)

How often should my 3 1/2 month old breastfeed?

posted by  Olive(1195)

Can I take Xanax while breastfeeding?

posted by  keleos(48)

How do I stop lactating?

posted by  bethy37(23)

What can you tell me about TheraFlu and breastfeeding?

posted by  freejosh(26)

Is reusing a bottle okay, if you're not breastfeeding?

posted by  anthony(45)

Is it safe to take lamictal while breastfeeding?

posted by  nicole72576(16)

Can I take Sudafed while breastfeeding?

posted by  Joey(16)

Can breastfeeding affect a negative home pregnancy test?

posted by  babu74(3)

What should I know about brewers yeast and breastfeeding?

posted by  anst(21)

What should I know about gum disease and breastfeeding?

posted by  MadameC(20)

How do you wean a one-year-old baby?

posted by  LisaMc(24)

Do I need my breast milk if I miss a feeding?

posted by  wilsonace(129)

How do I know when it's time to finish breastfeeding?

posted by  DocZ(47)

How long can thawed breast milk be out?

posted by  Patrick(37)

I am breastfeeding ; why do I feel a chest and muscle pain?

posted by  HARISH81(2)

How can I end breast feeding?

posted by  grindylo00(30)

Is it common to have a sore breast after weaning?

posted by  pumpkin(32)

What should I do if my breast milk is drying up?

posted by  Lara28(17)

What should I do if I think my baby does not eat well?

posted by  Ashaan(50)

Is mastitis more common while weaning?

posted by  lmac(355)

Why does my baby scream and pull off my breast?

posted by  Pandora(6)

Should my menstrual cycle affect my breastfeeding?

posted by  peperann(40)

What causes constipation in a breastfed baby?

posted by  Sudar(134)

How do you relieve sore nipples when breastfeeding?

posted by  baybeebluz(72)

What is galactorrhea?

posted by  Monique(28)

Where can I buy a breastfeeding nipple shield?

posted by  muffyny(16)

Is breastfeeding really best?

posted by  deuxceleste(1)

What is the best breastfeeding and pumping schedule?

posted by  Andie(38)

Is it OK if my 2 month old baby sleeps during breastfeeding?

posted by  zoid(49)

How to switch from breast milk to formula?

posted by  Kishore(17)

What are some strategies for weaning from a bedtime feeding?

posted by  Pals(28)

If I had a preemie, what should my breastfeeding supply be?

posted by  azkc(59)

Can a baby self-wean?

posted by  chelsea(20)

How much should a baby be nursing at 4 months old?

posted by  wwhisnant(38)

Do you have to cut out dairy during breastfeeding?

posted by  worker3514(51)

How long does it take Reglan to work for milk production?

posted by  tornado(36)

What should you not eat while breastfeeding?

posted by  fatkid(105)

Is there a problem with dying hair while breast feeding?

posted by  worker5167(63)

How many ounces of breast milk does a baby eat?

posted by  PsyKickRuhYn(32)

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