Question by  reshmimanoj (13)

What are the chances of getting pregnant while breastfeeding?

I am breastfeeding and am concerned that I might be pregnant, what are the chances of that occurring?


Answer by  Lisa78 (35)

Women who are exclusively breastfeeding have a low chance of getting pregnant. This means that you are not supplementing with formula, cereal or baby food. While breast feeding exclusively, especially for the first six months, women normally do not ovulate. If a woman does not ovulate, she cannot become pregnant.


Answer by  sellappan (32)

There are many possibilities to get pregnant while breastfeeding. Hence it is better to use contraceptive method to prevent such bills, condoms, loops etc.


Answer by  Angie (27)

Chances are pretty good if you aren't using any protection. I'm not sure where it came from that you can't get pregnant while breastfeeding, but you can! Breastfeeding doesn't keep you from releasing eggs. Good luck!


Answer by  baba24 (270)

It would be the same chances of getting pregnant as anyother time that she has sexual intercourse. A woman is fertile anytime she is able to have her period.

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