Question by  anthony (45)

Is reusing a bottle okay, if you're not breastfeeding?


Answer by  gummie (738)

If your baby is young enough to breastfeed, I would recommend sterilizing the bottle by boiling the bottle in water for fifteen minutes. You can reuse a bottle but it must be sterilized until the baby is six months old. After that age, a good wash and rinse suffices.


Answer by  Binome (1975)

A bottle being used to feed an infant can, and is generally designed to, be reused. They have to be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, however. Formula should also never be allowed to sit in the bottle for longer than the duration of a single feeding. Old formula can make a baby sick, but a thoroughly cleaned bottle is safe.


Answer by  lauryn (194)

It is not ok to reuse a bottle no matter whether or not you are breatfeeding. If you are feeding your baby formula from a bottle than you can use the same bottle for up to one hour after you start a feeding.


Answer by  zenjen (37)

NEVER. Always wash in hot, soapy water, and for the baby's first 3 months, after washing, boil for 3 mins. People act like it's such a pain in the behind, but it's really not, and your baby will be healthy!! :)


Answer by  keri (33)

It's fine to reuse a bottle if you are breastfeeding as long as you wash it before reusing. You should wash and rinse the bottle thoroughly with hot water and soap.

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