Question by  Kishore (17)

How to switch from breast milk to formula?

I would like to stop breast feeding and need directions on how to do so.


Answer by  nurseBetty (76)

Take your time and go slowly. Start by switching one feeding each day from breast to bottle, and every couple of days you should switch another feeding. If you transition too quickly from breast to bottle you run the risk of engorgement which can be very painful.


Answer by  afamb (557)

Introduce the bottle first. Start making one feeding a day through the bottle that is filled with your breast milk. Once the baby accepts the bottle, up the daily bottle feedings to twice a day. Then, mix a 50/50 bottle of breast milk and formula and offer that as the feedings. Eventually, he will accept the formula through the bottle.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

If you are going to switch to formula you need to start giving your baby the recommended formula by the doctor and start giving your baby bottles.


Answer by  Joven (163)

It would be best to switch to formula slowly. Start replacing a number of the feedings with formula and start increasing that number gradually.

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