Question by  MarieJeanne (22)

How do I go about drying up my milk supply from nursing?

I am through nursing but I am still making milk.


Answer by  Purple (948)

Suppose to gradually cut back nursing for best results. Then when totally done nursing it will take time for the milk to dry up, cut back on fluids.


Answer by  maritzae (49)

Don`t try anything, just let your milk dry up. Don`t stimulate milk production trying it out. Don`t drink as oats drinks because stimulate milk production. You just have to wait for a while.


Answer by  jennyanydots (294)

Gradually is best. Abruptly weaning may cause mastitis, which can make you very ill. Pay attention to your body. If your breasts are very uncomfortable, express just enough to "take the edge off", gradually decreasing the amounts you express over several days. A snug bra, good nutrition and lots of rest will help.


Answer by  aggiesan (314)

if there are no demand for the milk, the milk supply will naturally dries up, for the meantime you can use a breastfeeding pad to keep your shirt from getting wet. Wait for about a month if it stopped.


Answer by  Annief75 (246)

Every few days you nurse or pump a little less. So, if you are nursing and/or pumping 6 times per day for a few days and add 1 bottle supplement. The next few days you move down to nursing/pumping 5 times per day while adding 2 bottle supplement. The next few days you go to 4, etc.


Answer by  sikanthar (100)

If you have more milk your breast even after feeding your baby then you can offer it to you husband. Its a great feeling to feed your man


Answer by  SANGEEMA (21)

Start with squeezing out before tightening of the milk contained. Do not squeeze frequently. Diet restricted on fibre content, and cut out any starcy food.


Answer by  henrietta (67)

An excellent natural remedy to dry up your milk supply is a common spice used in cooking: sage. Turkey stuffing recipes often contain a good amount of sage, so enjoy some stuffing for a few days!


Answer by  praburajzz (37)

To dry up milk supply after feeding the milk is to place the leafs inside the bra. it do not touch the bra. remove the bra and leafes after bathing.

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