Question by  shoog (38)

When weaning from breastfeeding what is the old wives tale, or treatment involving cabbage and sage?

I have been told that using cabbage and sage will help with weaning from breastfeeding.


Answer by  mseeyore6380 (60)

There is an old wives tale that if you use chilled cabbage pressed on your breasts as well as drinking sage tea it can help decrease your milk supply. This can assist in weaning your child.


Answer by  rowan71 (48)

To naturally stop you milk production put chilled cabbage leaves in bra under breasts. When they warm up replace with fresh chilled ones. Also you can brew a teaspoon of sage into a cup of tea (add honey to improve taste). Drinking this a few times daily will also help.


Answer by  Megan99 (183)

I haven't heard about sage, but it is definitely true that putting crushed cabbage leaves in your bra will decrease milk production. If you wean gradually, you may not have to use either.


Answer by  alrac (197)

To use cabbage leaves to help stop breastmilk production, you chill the leaves and then put one inside your bra on each side. Trade them out when they warm up. Sage is generally used as a tea in this context.


Answer by  tamarawilhite (17883)

Eating that will make your breast milk start to taste bad, making the child not want to nurse as much. A better option is to give more solid food.


Answer by  lynn (821)

I am not positive about this but i think that if you eat cabbage that it is suppose to make the breastmilk taste sour so the baby won't want to nurse because the milk tastes bad.


Answer by  monkeydrone (233)

I have never heard any thing about sage but I'm told that the cabbage helps dry up you milk supply ans helps to relive engorgement. to put a cabbage lief in your bra agenst the brest for about 15 to 20 min twice a day untill you no longer need it.


Answer by  katdog (294)

Cabbage is a natural way to sooth sore breasts. When you wean, your breasts become very, very full of milk, and putting cabbage leaves on the helps sooth them.

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