Question by  MaryR (46)

What causes watery stool in my infant that I am breastfeeding?


Answer by  maggiec1179aolcom (754)

It can be caused by the food you are eating. If you eat food that would cause that reaction in you it can have the same effect on your baby.


Answer by  Elle11 (44)

Breastfed baby stools are very watery, yellow, and have little "seeds" in them and usually number 6 or more per day.. Sometimes they are pretty explosive as well. Have your baby weighed for reassurance that growth is normal. Then relax and enjoy him!


Answer by  mnmas (238)

Most breastfed infants do have a watery like stool. It is generally very loose and an yellow or orange color. It also is seedy. It has often been described as looking like mustard seed. The stool generally does not become more solidified until solid foods are introduced into the diet of the baby.


Answer by  John (9008)

Watery stool is perfectly normal for an infant who is still breastfeeding. Fecal matter is made up of what a person consumes. A child that is breastfeeding is on a liquid diet. As such, you would expect his or her stools to be watery. When the child moves to solid foods, the stools will become more solid.


Answer by  totallykim (167)

A breastfeeding infant usually has a loose stool, not hard and firm. It should be kind of yellow-y or tan and kind of like cottage cheese in texture. If it is real watery check to see if baby is teething or congested. If other symptoms are present, like fever or inconsolable crying, consider making a doctor's appointment.

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