Question by  Monique (28)

What is galactorrhea?

Should I be worried that my wife is keeping it from me?


Answer by  claire30 (7)

Galactorrhea is the spontaneous flow of milk from the breast. This is not associated with childbirth or breastfeeding. This can also be described as nipple discharge. This may be embarrasing for women as the discharge can be seen though ladies clothes.


Answer by  Megan99 (183)

Galactorrhea is the spontaneous presence of breastmilk not associated with nursing or pregnancy. It has happened to a quarter of all women and is not a symptom of anything serious.


Answer by  amazonian (27)

It is the flow of milk from the breast in the absence of breast feeding . Even when the breast is not stimulated ,milk could flow out. A woman who is experiencing this should see her doctor so as to determine the cause of the condition. It does not necessarily portend an ailment or diseased condition.


Answer by  diddy1 (110)

Galactorrhea is milk flow form the breast not associated with child birth or being pregnant. You should not worry, maybe she is embarassed about it.

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