Question by  HARISH81 (2)

I am breastfeeding ; why do I feel a chest and muscle pain?

I started breastfeeding about a month ago.


Answer by  Megan99 (183)

If the pain is in one spot, it might be a plugged milk duct. Massage the area and try breastfeeding with the baby on the bed and you on all fours above him, to use gravity. If it is all over, you might have mastitis. You may need antibiotics.


Answer by  toottoot (192)

Your muscles could be tight from bending over to feed the baby. You could have an infection in your breast or breasts if you have a hard lump or area in one or both breasts (called mastitis). I would check with your doctor.


Answer by  Tammy2075 (133)

Your pain may be caused from the position you are in while feeding. Be sure to be comfortable, and place baby on a pillow to keep from bending over.


Answer by  nicholeB (28)

When you are feeling chest or muscle pains during breast feeding this is called your let down reaction. Many women feel different sensations when breast feeding even if they are not feeding in the moment. They often describe a tingling or aching in the breast. When you feel this sensation milk is beginning to flow through your breasts.

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