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Please explain the end of the new "Planet of the Apes"?

posted by  Brent(28)

Is Red Dwarf The Movie worth seeing?

posted by  jjoctober(23)

Is the movie Bravehart worth buying?

posted by  Marvelmomma(124)

Why can I not add video to my FUZE?

posted by  ash(27)

Can you compare Netflix and Blockbuster?

posted by  sweetheart19(19)

What is a good scary puppet movie?

posted by  Paladin(19)

Who decides what films Disney will make?

posted by  Juicy(14)

Were there goblins in lord of the rings?

posted by  Latha(264)

Is the motion picture A Bug's Life suitable for all ages?

posted by  Manster(23)

Can an American play James Bond?

posted by  diane41(309)

What was the first studio to make the Twilight movie?

posted by  AlexVelto(23)

When was the Star Wars dvd released?

posted by  me57(12)

What do you consider the best tearjerker movies?

posted by  Ash39(31)

What are the best Hallmark movies?

posted by  Kevkev(43)

What are some good Jewish movies?

posted by  SanoIchiro(104)

What are the most popular Reagan movies?

posted by  sneh(42)

Which comic book made the best movie?

posted by  JaneRobbins(38)

Who is Moaning Myrtle?

what are the most well known Stanley Kubrick movies?

posted by  Acoustica(69)

Do retailers still sell Buzz Lightyear Bedding?

posted by  smoc46(26)

What's the best film of the world?

posted by  MosKa(0)

How many Transformers movies have there been?

posted by  MelanieD(52)

What are the best baseball films?

posted by  pjsfb(221)

What are the top 100 movies of all time?

posted by  salin(30)

What are the best Kevin Costner movies?

posted by  dave90(63)

Can you give me the names of some Shaw Brothers films?

posted by  KneeDeep(11)

What are some films Elvis was in?

posted by  saravana(31)

How can I get Blockbuster new releases?

posted by  healthpro(16)

What are the best 80's horror movies?

posted by  jhughes(26)

What is the latest movie for Nicolas Cage?

posted by  John57(13)

Did you think The Thing movie was scary?

posted by  Benny19(35)

What kind of fish was Dory from Finding Nemo?

posted by  bingozone(40)

What can you tell me about the movie character Leatherface?

posted by  my003(21)

What were the names of Elvis Presley's films?

posted by  worker2958(36)

How much does the Star Wars Trilogy on dvd cost?

posted by  cruisysuzy(10)

Who is Gambit in Xmen?

posted by  surat(76)

What is filmmaker Bruckheimer's latest project?

posted by  debtat(19)

Are the lyrics to Disney films copyrighted?

posted by  markhorne(9)

What are some good coming of age films?

posted by  ChihuahuaMama(18)

Is Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie like the TV series?

posted by  CC53(2)

What was the last movie Jodie Foster made?

posted by  Tyler48(6)

Who was the voice of Rex in Toy Story?

posted by  Ellen87(23)

What is the name of the song from Silence of the Lambs?

posted by  Ann71(47)

Have scenes been cut when you watch Titanic online?

posted by  emmy222(35)

What is a scary ape movie?

posted by  erinlynn85(40)

How do you download movies with Bittorrent?

posted by  Jinx(13)

How do you put movies on a mp4 player?

posted by  candice(17)

What are some comics based on movies?

posted by  Christine(14)

Where do people get money for making films?

posted by  wahoo(28)

Are there action figures based on Disney's "Cars?"

posted by  Johnnie(25)

What are the names of all the Tom Cruise dvds?

posted by  gatechrox(18)

Was there really a person named Leatherface?

posted by  muguet27(16)

Can you watch Netflix streaming video from Europe?

posted by  jlaird(190)

What did you think of the Dogfight movie?

posted by  rol09(44)

Where can I buy a VHS to DVD copier?

posted by  prasath25(46)

Who was Jack Nicholson in the movie Batman?

posted by  vflee71(25)

What are some of the better Bruce Lee movies?

posted by  namaste01701(37)

What newspapers carry Ebert movie reviews?

posted by  catboxxy(182)

What was the On Golden Pond movie about?

posted by  crmn(34)

What are the most seen movies?

posted by  jeenylim(22)

Are there any movie drive-ins in southern California?

posted by  JodiJ(312)

Who starred in the Some Like It Hot movie?

posted by  tutbot(25)

Who would a a fight between Optimus Prime and Ironhide?

posted by  Bill81(98)

How much memory will a dvd hold?

posted by  cklight(327)

What are all the Bruce Campbell movies?

posted by  Hundchen(107)

How many Sunny Leone movies are there?

posted by  Toad8(11)

Will dvd movies fade out?

posted by  Jonkins(9)

What are today's must-see films?

posted by  rose56(36)

Are Megatron and Optimus Prime brothers?

posted by  Bill81(98)

What are movie copyright laws?

posted by  Terbow(21)

What are the most popular Jon Voight movies?

posted by  crazy8girl(7)

What is the best way to get newly released movies?

posted by  crookedneck(33)

What awards did Ray with Jamie Fox win?

posted by  worker7111(16)

What did you think of the Scarface movie?

posted by  Shrura(27)

What is your favorite hero movie?

posted by  worker5391(15)

Did you like the movie C.H.O.M.P.S?

posted by  ellie61(478)

Who were the voices in the Happy Feet movie?

posted by  danceur(210)

Can I buy Lifetime tv movies?

posted by  Bob19(34)

What is the movie Flight 93 about?

posted by  gigantes117(92)

What were some of the best 1950 movies?

posted by  cynthialee(6)

What is the effect of film on the eye?

posted by  karmachaos(26)

Can you watch HBO movies on your computer?

posted by  Pradeep63(2)

What are the top 10 movie soundtracks?

Who was Superman's father?

posted by  bboychaomania(25)

What are your top five favorite comedy movies?

posted by  Betsyboo5(48)

What are the recent box office hits?

posted by  Sathish(43)

Does anyone still sell Curious George sheets?

posted by  Karen16(30)

What was the name of baddie from the Lord of the Rings?

posted by  greenbean(21)

What can you tell me about Jason of Friday the 13th fame?

posted by  jennybop(254)

What are some good Japanese films?

What is a good Halloween movie for young kids?

posted by  jackson(75)

What are the top ten comedy movies?

posted by  loslosbaby(33)

What is your favorite romantic comedy?

posted by  akhilg9(168)

How do you download movies on an ipod?

posted by  elynne(1153)

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