Question by  MikeIke (46)

Do you have any experience with buying movie tickets from Fandango?


Answer by  helloz (67)

Buying movie tickets from fandango is easy. You just sign-up online with a credit card and pick up your movie tickets at the fandango kiosk at the theater. It couldn't be easier for those of us who don't like standing in long lines. Just buy online and walk to the kiosk front bypassing the long line.


Answer by  klvan (421)

No, I personally do not have any experience with purchasing Fandango movie tickets. If I go to a movie, I buy my tickets at the theater that I go to.


Answer by  titleraver (66)

Fandango is the only way that I buy movie tickets any more. I can find my theater and the movie times; pick the one I want and then make the payment. It prints off a ticket that I can give to the theater as I pass the line waiting to pay! It's awesome!


Answer by  StaceyW (251)

Yes, we buy our movie tickets from there all the time and have always had a positive experience with them. It is very easy. They ask you what theater you want to go to and then a listing of all the showtimes comes up. It's really very convenient.


Answer by  bri41 (49)

No, I do not have any experience with buying movie tickets from Fandango. I've bought movie tickets from competing sites and I want to try Fandango.


Answer by  janezetta (244)

I usually enjoy buying movie tickets from Fandango, especially when it's a popular new release that is likely to be sold out. Also they have midnight showing tickets available.


Answer by  jclick (1561)

If you have a printer or a smartphone, it is really easy to buy tickets from Fandango. You pay using your credit card and then you can either print the tickets or have them sent to your smartphone and show the receipt when you get to the box office.


Answer by  pbetz1524 (9)

Though I've never purchased tickets through Fandango, their website allows moviegoers instant access to reviews, entertainment news, movie times and much more.


Answer by  JA (81)

It is a very easy process, you first find the theater that you are going to go and watch your movie at, and then you find the movie you want to watch, putchase them, they send them to you in an e-mail, print them and go see the movie.


Answer by  Ben80 (288)

Buying movies from Fandango is really easy and I have never had a problem. Just make sure your printer is working so you can print the info you need.


Answer by  ashley73 (54)

I have absolutely no experience buying movie tickets from Fandango. I have never even heard of Fandango. It sounds Australian. I recomend buying movie tickets in a movie theater because our dependance on computers has been pushed to a frightening degree in the past fifteen years. Sometimes I think that no one else has noticed.

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