Question by  cklight (327)

How much memory will a dvd hold?

I need to transfer several home movies to one dvd and want to make sure it is possible.


Answer by  Binome (1975)

A single-layer DVD+R or DVD-R will hold about 4. 7 gb. The more expensive dual-layer DVD+R and DVD-R formats can hold just over 8. 5 GB, though not all DVD-R and DVD+R drives can burn a dual-layer disc.


Answer by  kenl1925 (14)

That depends on the dvd. Dual Layer dvd's hold 9. 4GB while DVD-5's hold 4. 7GB and DVD-10's hold 8. 75gb. Most packaging for dvd's list how much data can be stored on them or approximately how many hours of video may be burned to them.


Answer by  cutething01 (34)

DVD-R DVD+R and DVD+RW can all hold 4. 7 gb and is 120 mintues. Double-layer DVD-R holds 8. 5 gb and is 240 minutes.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

If your referring to the capacity of a regular dvd disk then it will hold about 4. 7 gigabytes of information or about 120 minutes of video.

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