Question by  namaste01701 (37)

What are some of the better Bruce Lee movies?


Answer by  JenaMae (794)

Some of the more received movies he did were Fists of Glory, Game of Death, and Return of the Dragon. Of course, it's all a matter of opinion, but other recognized films would be Enter the Dragon and Way of the Dragon.


Answer by  Priyasundar (84)

'Enter the Dragon' by Warner Brothers is the classic Bruce Lee movie. It is a must see movie not only for its martial arts action but because it was Bruce Lee's last movie before his death. 'Fist of Fury' is a good movie too, and so is 'Way of the Dragon'.


Answer by  malamuth (52)

Bruce Lee appeared only in a handful of films that succeeded in showcasing the full range of his skills as a martial artist and philosopher who originated Jeet Kune Do. The five films Lee is best remembered for are The Big Boss, Fist of Fury, Way of the Dragon, Enter the Dragon and Game of Death.


Answer by  mikebray (32)

Bruce Lee's better movies would include "Enter The Dragon", "The Big Boss" which was his first leading role, "Fist Of Fury", "Way of the Dragon", and "The Game of Death".


Answer by  Camelia (662)

Game of Death, Enter the Dragon, Marlowe, The Orphan, The Birth of Mankind, Golden Gate Girl, A Walk in the Spring Rain, The Wrecking Crew, The Art of Action: Martial Arts in Motion Picture, Hollywood Screen Tests: Take 2, The Unbeatable Bruce Lee, Cinema Hong Kong: Kung Fu, Dark World: Duel of the Assassins.


Answer by  janezetta (244)

Fists of Fury was probably the best there there were: Way of the Dragon, Game of Death (I & II), Enter the Dragon, The Unicorn Palm, The Kid, The Wrecking Crew and The Big Boss


Answer by  AKM79 (330)

A handful of movies Bruce Lee starred in and loved by many are The Big Boss and Fist of Fury.

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