Question by  wahoo (28)

Where do people get money for making films?

Is there funding available?


Answer by  JumpingJoeGastineau (60)

There are many ways and means of financing films. Typically, Hollywood studios will fund their own productions. Smaller films rely on gathering many disperate sources together. No-budget filmmakers will go to any lengths: Robert Rodriguez sold his body to science to fund his debut film El Mariachi!


Answer by  NurseB (513)

Some people self-finance. Others will get several people to donate their services and offer future profits of the film. There is funding available, grants, also contests where you submit a movie outline/idea for funding. Movieline, Variety any film magazine even Writers digest will list screenwriting contests. Some writers will approach directors/producers with an idea, some get an agent.


Answer by  tc085 (73)

this is a very broad question. indie film makers ushually front money from their own pockets split between the people making the film. large corporate film companys like the weinstein company has investors and sponsors. you can notice through out the films product placement, such as a charactor from the film holding a coke can etc.


Answer by  kfelicetti (235)

To get money for funding films, you can use industry financing. You will need to get a studio development production deal which will involve pitching your project to a major film studio. There is always funding available, you just need to be persuasive and be willing to pitch to a lot of people and financiers.


Answer by  Vllad45 (1886)

Not very much, unless you get in with independent film companies. Someone has to sponsor the movie, but they make it back with ticket sales; those sales go to the next movie. These are big companies who can afford the risk.

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