Question by  akhilg9 (168)

What is your favorite romantic comedy?


Answer by  MrP (58)

My favorite romantic comedy is the french film Amelie. It has great cinematography that displays the beauty of the city Paris, and it also manages to defy cliche even with somewhat familiar romantic comedy elements.


Answer by  kitty1988 (44)

My favorite romantic comedy is 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. It's hilarious and original. Also, their are both my favorite actress/actors. I don't normally like romantic movies, but 50 First Dates was pretty funny.


Answer by  emmons (147)

My favorite romantic comedy is "Shakespeare in Love." It has everything you could want in a romantic comedy--two beautiful leads, a clever script, well-designed costumes and sets, and a powerful, rich storyline.

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