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Question by  Johnnie (25)

Are there action figures based on Disney's "Cars?"

My five-year old is crazy about that movie.


Answer by  BlakeIsBlake (39)

Yes there are. They are not so much action figures as they are small toys of the actual cars on the movie.


Answer by  CpnMsq (93)

You can buy "Cars" toys - however, they are not so much traditional action figures as they are Matchbox-style toy cars made to look like the movie characters.


Answer by  toytrader (38)

There are larger toys that were made in the replicas of the more popular cars like Lightning and Mater. There are also Matchbox cars that were made. This is the closest thing there is to action figures from the movie. They can be found at WalMart and in online stores.


Answer by  HawaiianGirl (6906)

I have actually seen the cars figures being sold as such stores as walmart and kmart. I am sure you can find them at toy stores such as toyrus as well.

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