Question by  Bill81 (98)

Are Megatron and Optimus Prime brothers?

In "Transformers" movie prequel they are. Megatron is the older brother. In the old cartoon they aren't brothers. In the movie they refer to each other as "brother," but the meaning is debatable.


Answer by  Cswiatek (14)

I believe that they are not brothers. In the cartoons, they are no way related to each other. However, brother in the movie could simply mean "old acquaintance" or "long enemy". Megatron and Optimus are not brothers, just old enemies.


Answer by  bazb85 (11)

No they are not. It is probably referring to the fact they are of the same race. Neither in the old or new continuity are they supposed to be brothers, but then who knows for sure. Maybe all transformers are from the same mother robot? Or build buy the same construction hive?


Answer by  Alan67 (71)

You are correct in what you say. In the cartoon series they are definately NOT brothers. In the movie, the term could just be figurative.


Answer by  amangielangomat (43)

For me, "BROTHER" is a term of endearment. That might be hard to understand being they are Transformers but I do not think thier actually brothers.

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