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How can I better understand body language?

posted by  elizabethestel(14)

What is the Third Eye Blind song Jumper about?

posted by  ruth(407)

What are the Tolkien languages?

posted by  Snow4Life(49)

Have you ever used baby sign language flash cards?

posted by  hellokitty(48)

How difficult is it to learn German?

posted by  ikc(15)

What are some examples of ping pong jargon?

posted by  bumpkin(35)

What does "contemplative" mean?

posted by  Willf239(6)

How do you talk to a wife who has been cheated on?

posted by  labinc02(19)

What rhymes with bottom?

posted by  XjoshhyX(132)

What is receptive speech?

posted by  Pochi(15)

What do you put on the response form for an eviction notice?

posted by  Rai(51)

How do you say hello in Japanese?

posted by  terry39(2)

What are some computer terms that everyone should know?

posted by  ken28(6)

What are some suggestions for how to quit cursing?

posted by  atushipatel(9)

How many words can you make from the name California?

posted by  twmdog(21)

How can I teach the German language to toddlers?

posted by  ecimir(89)

What does the term "sucking up" mean?

posted by  thisguy(27)

What are the meanings of some common Romanian surnames?

posted by  Matt97(42)

What are the most common Romanian last names?

posted by  jokulhlaup(28)

What does "phos" mean in Greek?

posted by  tab(16)

What are some popular Japanese symbols?

posted by  Saint90(8)

What is the best way to learn Italian?

posted by  squiffy(130)

What does UPS stand for?

posted by  Tmansfield(52)

What are some keyboard shortcuts for accent aigu?

posted by  Sreethin(11)

What are civil lawsuits?

posted by  cwade67(9)

What are some unusual invitation wedding words?

posted by  junhenry(20)

How would I write Wedding Invitation in Hebrew?

posted by  mamlharris(2)

How do I learn Arabic?

posted by  Chris33(37)

What is the origin of the word wow?

posted by  tarunpintu(11)

What does the phrase "the cat's meow" mean?

posted by  KellyV(20)

How do you say "awesome" in Arabic?

posted by  dronova(3)

Where are there bilingual schools in Puerto Rico?

posted by  Vulture(47)

What is the plural of platypus?

posted by  Jane62(15)

Is "cracker" a Southern slang word?

posted by  amitsaraogi80(30)

What is the origin of the saying a "bone to pick"?

posted by  buddy67us(12)

What is a convection oven?

posted by  shalini(79)

What is the proper etiquette on giving congratulations?

posted by  tardis(42)

What is a good poem for Mother's Day?

posted by  poegirl100(15)

Where does the term "simonize" come from?

posted by  Greta(233)

What does the phrase "Fortune favors the bold" mean?

posted by  Dani(25)

Is there a Spanish-language version of Windows XP?

posted by  kljacf(19)

How do you spell language arts in French?

posted by  cece(43)

What is the meaning of cultural cross currents?

posted by  johnhattan(33)

How can I learn the Cyrillic alphabet (Bulgarian)?

posted by  JamesRaymond(93)

What are some examples of military jargon?

posted by  cskhee2(14)

In real estate what does single action "state' mean?

posted by  GauthamM(15)

What is the meaning of the slang word dig?

posted by  Enigma(33)

What is a "profession of faith?"

posted by  worker18(13)

What is the origin of the term "balling the Jack"?

posted by  Abigail(35)

What is atelophobia?

posted by  ajith44(16)

What does it mean when someone is sitting W style?

posted by  Shar(54)

Can you give me a good spider horror story?

posted by  benmarvin(19)

What places other than France do people speak French?

posted by  bash(1026)

What is the Spanish term for "endearment"?

posted by  salsafoodie(3146)

What is telecommunication?

posted by  Angel4true(38)

Is it difficult to learn to speak Polish?

posted by  Mary57(75)

What is the meaning behind the name of the band AC/DC?

posted by  Boone(29)

What are the words for "strength and honor" in Latin?

posted by  Simsim(69)

What does circa mean?

posted by  barefoot60(44)

What are some easy ways to sound out letters in words?

posted by  racheljh(72)

What is extradition?

posted by  jthen(28)

How old is considered "over the hill."

posted by  sur(28)

What is the Greek word for service?

posted by  Penny77(36)

What are some vocabulary building strategies?

posted by  nyczoo(8)

What is the best way to learn to count in Spanish?

posted by  Dan59(4)

How can I translate a Spanish paragraph into English?

posted by  SwatiAgrawal(21)

What does "7.5 tonne" mean with respect to a truck?

posted by  mtnwmn(17)

What does metastasized mean?

posted by  jessica79(61)

Where in Chicago can I take Spanish classes?

posted by  rpmurugan(18)

How do you define touche?

posted by  klmake1(21)

In golf, what is a bogey, a birdie and an eagle?

posted by  beatification(60)

What are words that end with the letter "G"?

posted by  JoeHonda(16)

What is a compound sentence?

posted by  sethma(20)

What are SMART goals?

posted by  Bethany73381(26)

What is the world's most spoken language?

posted by  Clayton(25)

How can I find out what a Japanese tattoo symbol means?

posted by  Rincon787(52)

What is an example of a sentence for the word partisan?

posted by  JB88(15)

How do I introduce myself to my birth mom?

posted by  mikey(29)

What are the lyrics to Amazing Grace?

posted by  Jane62(15)

Did you learn prepositions in college or at college?

posted by  tulsikanwar(11)

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