Question by  Boone (29)

What is the meaning behind the name of the band AC/DC?

I have wondered for years as to what AC/DC means for the band.


Answer by  Allstar (2071)

The band saw it on the label on the side of a vacuum cleaner. It stands for Alternating Current/Direct Current. The band understood it as an electrical term, and thought it an appropriate name for a band with their distinct two-electrical-guitar sound.


Answer by  polsy (35)

The ONLY meaning for the band name AC/DC is Alternating Current/ Direct Current (ie. Electricity). It's alternate meaning is Antichrist/Devil child.


Answer by  asoka (26)

AC stands for Alternating Current and DC for Direct Current. The signifance lies in the high energy flow in the band


Answer by  Mido (29)

Malcolm and Angus saw the words ac/dc on a vacuum one day and thought it symbolized their raw energy, power driven performances, and love for their music and fans.


Answer by  Anonymous

owned by illuminati.. it is After Christ Devil Comes.

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