Question by  bumpkin (35)

What are some examples of ping pong jargon?


Answer by  theblip (295)

Sometimes the word ping pong is used for computers. It refers to 2 computers sending and receiving data just to tell each other that they are around. Ping refers to the signal send and Pong refers to the response received. That is just like a game of ping - pong.


Answer by  tweety (266)

For starters ping pong is also known as Table Tennis... duh!


Answer by  digmyspace (249)

The way you grip the ping pong racquet has a few interesting terms. The 'handshake' and the 'penhold' are the most popular. Then there's also the 'Seemiller grip', the 'V grip', and the 'pistol grip'. As you can see some of these are self - explanatory.

Reply by busyfingers (239):
I've seen that the chinese, koreans and japanese have so much variation in their grips!  add a comment
Reply by rejoice (216):
I prefer the handshake grip as it is easy and very comfortable. I stay steady even on long rallies.  add a comment
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